Thursday, June 24, 2010

30 weeks! Frustration and a little vent

I had my 30 wk appt and it went really well. Baby and I are doing great and right on track. I go back in 2 weeks and the only kinda bad thing is he strongly recommends/prefers continuous fetal monitoring which I wanted to avoid but I'll trust his judgment and go w/ it. He also said to bring in my birth plan and we'd discuss it so we're on the same page.

Since I want to go med free there are some things I'd prefer that should make it easier, at least based on what I've learned/read. Of course the only thing that matters is the baby is born safe and healthy. Once I've hashed it out I'll post my final birth plan and any changes the Dr. recommends.

My frustration comes from the fact that we still don't have the nursery set up or even started. FIL is supposed to help Banks paint the nursery but he keeps putting off coming over. I can't convince DH to just do it already. It wouldn't be as big a deal if we didn't have a ton of gifts and nursery items stuck in the guest room. Everyone was very generous at our first shower and I have nowhere to put the baby items and it's driving me crazy. I might could deal if my Mom and BFF weren't coming out for my 2nd shower but the guestroom HAS to be ready by the time they come out which is ~ 2.5 weeks from now.

I keep telling DH that the EDD is a guess and the baby can come anytime from 38 wks to 41+ weeks but he seems to think that the baby won't be here until Aug. 31st and we have all the time in the world. I'd love to have things settled and set up by 35 wks so that whenever that baby comes we're ready. Not to mention I know I'm only gong to get more tired as time passes.

Anyway, that's what's up w/ us!