Saturday, January 31, 2009

Time Marches On

I can't believe it'll be February tomorrow. Time has flown by so much quicker than I thought it would. Things are moving right along thankfully.

As for the cycle Pati e-mailed me; in response to yet another e-mail from me (she must be so tired of hearing from me by now); and said that the donor has an appointment Monday to access where she is in her cycle and she'll update me after that.

To top it off she said we could possibly be looking at er by the end of February, I thought we were looking at mid-march at the soonest so I'm bouncing off the walls right now. It's only a few weeks and it still might be later in March but it's so exciting to think that it could happen so soon!

I'm in a holding pattern as of now and am off hormone replacement therapy (hrt) which I hate. It makes my skin dry as well as all the other lovely menopausal type symptoms that go w/ lack of hormones. That's another reason I'd love for er to happen sooner rather than later, I'd be on hormones that much sooner.

I'll update once I hear something which should be Monday or Tuesday depending on what time the donor's appointment is.

the only thing that stays the same is everythingchanges, everything changes.
Tracy Lawrence

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

3 day weeks

This week rocks, we were off Monday so we spent a long weekend at the beach w/ my parents. We had such a great time. It was too cold for swimsuits but great for laying around reading, walking on the beach, and eating great seafood (so much for the diet).

To top off a great long weekend we have a family thing this weekend and I'm off on Friday. I get to have 4 days off and work 3 this week. It's going to make next week SOO hard but it'll be worth it.

As for the decision we decided to see what happens. Banks pointed out that CNY has a 0 interest payment plan that would make things much easier financially so that's a big plus in their favor. We want to see what happens though so I'll see what I hear this week and we'll go from there.

The waiting is starting to get to me. The anticipation of knowing it's going to be starting soon is keeping me on edge. I'll feel so much better once things are finalized one way or the other. I can't wait to get our cycle calendar and know when things are likely to happen. This not knowing is rough.

Every now and then go away and have a little relaxation. To remain constantly at work will diminish your judgment. Go some distance away, because work will be in perspective and a lack of harmony is more readily seen.
- Leonardo DaVinci

Friday, January 16, 2009

Thrown for a Loop

Holy Crow, I got the most interesting phone call today.
The RE I see for Turner’s is in an infertility clinic at a nearby hospital. They do DE cycles but we didn’t consider them b/c they anticipated a wait of a year before we’d be matched w/ a donor. I wasn’t willing to wait that long so we decided on CNY.
Apparently they considered our appointment where we got the bloodwork and what have you done as our consult and put us on the recipient list. Well I got a call out of the blue today from the DE nurse coordinator asking if we were interested in possibly cycling in April. She hadn’t matched us yet so it might be summer before we could cycle but we were next on the list so April was very possible. I told her yes we’d be interested in cycling in April and asked her when she’d know more and she said next week.
So now my mind is spinning. 1) should I have told her that we were in process elsewhere? 2) Is this a sign that we should cycle here? 3) OMG I’ve done nothing but research and evaluate clinics for the last 18 months and this happens throwing all of that out the window.

The pros to cycling there would be not having to travel, no having to take a week off, just 3 or 4 days for et/bedrest. Time off is less of an issue for me b/c mine carries over so I’m good but Banks gets a limited amount of time each year. We’d be able to save the cost of traveling. Wouldn’t have to deal w/ bedrest at a hotel, I could be in my own comfy room. I know I’d be more relaxed in that environment. I like the staff at the clinic, they are extremely helpful and after going there for 2+ years they know me and I know them.

Cons to cycling there are: They have lower success rates (that’s HUGE to me), they do the matching so have to say yes or no to the donor they offer (not big if I don’t like her we’ll just stay w/ CNY), They don’t do many de cycles a year so their experience is much less than CNY (slightly important to me).

Banks’ is in a meeting so I haven’t talked to him about it, and of course what he thinks is huge, especially since I don’t know what I think at the moment. Though I’m leaning towards seeing 1) if cycling in April is definite 2) what the donor is like and going from there. If we won’t be able to cycle till much later or the donor is unproven/has med history I don’t like I think staying w/ CNY makes the most sense. In the meantime any thoughts?

“A thing long expected takes the form of the unexpected when at last it comes”
-Mark Twain

Friday, January 9, 2009

Books 2 & 3

Since I don't have any DE updates I'm updating on my 50 book goal.

I read "The Mysterious Affair at Styles" by Agatha Christie I enjoyed it. I think I'll read some more of the Poiroit books. It was an amusing and interesting read and I liked it.

I also reread "The Undomestic Goddess" by Sophie Kinsella, I really like this book and it's a go to for a laugh.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Donor 2!

Donor choice 2 was aparrently meant to be. She cycled in Dec. w/ a BFP so she's on a break which would mean transfer in March (which we wanted) she wants to cycle again and she's physically a good match for me on top of everything else! She's also a single donor which I prefer, I was ok w/ split cycle but it definitely something else to worry about so that's great as well.

She's about my height (not many women are 5 ft) dark blonde, brown eyes (Banks' are)
She's proven and has a good health history. So all in all what we were looking for!

I'm thinking it was meant to be and that's a good sign.

I'm so excited. The plan is for me to let them know when we have AF and then we'll start the process in Feb. and transfer in March.

It's FINALLY happening, I can't believe it!

"Faith is the art of holding on to things your reason has once accepted in spite of your changing moods"
C.S. Lewis

Monday, January 5, 2009

Rollercoaster Ride

Well I talked to Pati this morning and everything was great until she e-mailed this afternoon to say that the donor we wanted called her back to tell Pati that she didn't want to cycle again.

I understand but I'm so dissapointed. It seemed like everything was falling perfectly into place.

The good news is that we found another donor we like and I'll try again tomorrow.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Donor Chosen!

Banks and I have chosen our donor. I'll call Pati tomorrow, Monday, and reserve her. She's pretty much exactly the donor we wanted but I'm trying not to get too excited until I talk to Pati and hear that it's all official and we're set to cycle.

I'll post more tomorrow after I've talked to Pati and confirmed everything.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Book 1

So I've completed 1 book towards my goal of 50.
It's a little romance "Just Wicked Enough" by Lorraine Heath. It's cute and an enjoyable light read.

Nothing big but I'm working on Outlander which is very long and wanted a quick read!