Monday, January 5, 2009

Rollercoaster Ride

Well I talked to Pati this morning and everything was great until she e-mailed this afternoon to say that the donor we wanted called her back to tell Pati that she didn't want to cycle again.

I understand but I'm so dissapointed. It seemed like everything was falling perfectly into place.

The good news is that we found another donor we like and I'll try again tomorrow.


Andrea said...

Unfortunately, nothing with DE seems to go as planned and, you're right, it's a complete roller coaster ride. I'm glad you found antoher donor and I hope she's willing to cycle soon! Good luck!

Jojobee said...

What a bummer... I know how you feel, it's an awful feeling and you feel like you're back at square one. In total, we've chosen 5 donors! The first 3 didn't want to cycle, then the 4th (you know the story) and then 5th was successful. Hope this next one decides she wants to cycle again :) Many (((hugs)))

Peeveme said...

I;m sorry. I know how it feels when you first choice is no linger an option. My first one fell through. If it helps I am so much happier with my 2nd choice. Really, once you get started you'll forget about the 1st choice.