Thursday, October 29, 2009

Out of hiding

I'm back from my hiatus. I'm feeling better about things for the most part. I had a rough time Tuesday after I watched an 18 yr old client at work w/ her baby for 2 hrs which sucked. Then went to a fall festival w/ DH and MIL where MIL's 3 yr old niece was mistaken for our daughter. It wasn't the person's fault it was the obvious conclusiion when you are introduced to an older lady her son and dil and a young child. It still stung for a minute.

We've decided to do a final transfer before moving on. I'm not absolutely convinced it's the best decision but it's the decision I can best live w/. Banks would be happy to move on to adoption immediately, I need to have the closure of doing one last transfer.

Either way come January I'll either be pregnant or starting the adoption process. I feel much better having a time frame to deal w/. I know this will all be settled one way or the other by the new year.

I'll admit I'm scared that if it's negative it'll ruin the holidays but the truth is w/ JK being pregnant and due in Jan. they're gonna be rough anyway. Am I crazy to schedule this for right at the holidays?