Friday, April 30, 2010

First trip to L&D but we're fine.

We had the joy of spending most of last week in L&D. I got a bug I couldn't shake and got extremely dehydrated and couldn't keep anything (including ice chips) down.

The previous saturday afternoon I got extremely sick and had to call Banks to come home from playing tennis. I hoped it was a bug that would pass quickly but on Sunday I couldn't keep down water, or ice chips. They admitted me to L&D for fluids and gave me zofran before I was d/ced, and I was feeling better. Unfortunately it didn't last, I was scheduled to follow up w/ the OB on Tuesday and I was as bad or worse so they admitted me again and kept me this time. I spent the rest of the week there getting meds and fluids and feeling like crap. Finally on Friday I started feeling better and I was d/ced again on Saturday.

I'm still a little weak and getting back to normal but all in all I'm better now. I saw the dr. again on Weds for what's being treated as my 24 week aptment and Sweetpea and I are good.

So that's what we're up to. I'll be updating w/ a belly pic in the next couple days!


victoria said...

Ugh! I am so sorry to read this. That bug has been going around big time. My son had it for 3 days (vomiting/diarrhea) then it went away for two and came back for two. We have done a lot of sheet washing here.
Our pedi said her nurse, who works at our local hospital, said they were full of adults and kids last weekend, all with the same bug, all getting IV fluids.
Another friend said her 5 year old has had it on/off for 12 days!
I hope you are truly on the mend and that this weekend allows you to regain your strength

ks said...

Sorry to hear you were so sick! I hope you keep on the mend now and get to enjoy the last half of this pregnancy! Gosh this seems to be flying by! :)

I hope this weekend helps you get stronger and healthy again. All my best!

Crazy Double LIfe said...

Oh no! I'm so so so glad you're ok! I've been thinking about you tons! How scary! I'm glad they kept you in the hospital though... We had the flu bug here too, thankfully it never really hit me like it did the twins & DH! Just rest and take it easy!

雲亨 said...
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