Saturday, December 11, 2010

One Year Ago...

We had our transfer that brought us our beautiful daughter.
I'm sorry for not updating but I got lazy and then busy w/ my
darling daughter.
Birth Story
DD was breach at our 38 week appointment and I wasn't a good
candidate for a version so a c-section was scheduled.
We get to the hospital at 5 am on delivery day and baby
had flipped head down. I'm 2 cm and having a few contractions
So an induction is started. Things go smoothly except for a few
decels on the fetal monitor and by early afternoon I'm 10 cm and
ready to go. Unfortunately sweetpea does not handle pushing
well and gets stuck.
We're taken for a c-section and our beautiful baby girl is born.
It was an amazing day. She is the light of my life and I
Couldn't be happier!


ks said...

So happy to hear!!! You really had me worried there! You weren't posting on Network 54 or on your blog! CONGRATS Hope! I'm so happy you, your baby girl and DH are doing well! All my very best to you!

stephanie526 said...

I have checked your blog repeatedly looking for an update... so happy to see that all is well. We cycled together. A year ago today we did our transfer...and as I type this my darling baby boy sleeps peacefully on my lap. They are such a joy. Wishing you all the best. Your fellow former Merry Mama - Steph in SC

gymbrat79 said...

Hi, I was hoping you would be willing to chat via email. I am a TS woman in the Northeast who will be beginning the IVF process in a few months and wanted to get perspective from somebody who has gone through it. If you'd like you can email me at

Marta Ds said...
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