Sunday, January 15, 2012

Putting the cart before the horse...

I want to get into blogging again so I'm setting a goal of posting every Sunday.
Sweetpea is wonderful, she's 16 months and a normal happy busy toddler. She loves Yo Gabba Gabba, Dogs, and Mama.
She's a complete Mama's girl and I love it.
I'm so happy being a SAHM, we've found a great Mom's group and we have a blast doing library time and mommy and me class.

I've got baby fever bad and can't wait to try for baby #2. With a little luck sometime this spring/summer we'll be able to try.
I got ahead of myself and I bought the hypnobabies set this weekend, I stumbled across a fantastic deal buying it from someone and went for it.
After the farce that was Sweetpea's delivery I'm starting early in preparing for a VBAC birth next time.
I want my next delivery to be a much calmer simpler affair. I want to learn from some of the choices I made and have a much better experience the next time.
I attribute Sweetpea flipping to the hypnobabies flip breech baby track that I listened too. So I'm using that program for natural birth. Plus Banks was useless as a labor coach so with HB I can just listen to the tracks and not need much from him.
As the title says I'm getting ahead of myself but I'm still in the positive thinking stage. ;-)
I'm adding a pic of Sweetpea


ks said...

So glad to hear things are good! Sweetpea looks just as you've nicknamed her a little SweetPea! So happy to hear your positive outlook for number 2, I'm going to follow your lead and just believe it's going to happen! :)
All my best!

Gabi J.J said...

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