Sunday, August 10, 2008

Breaking Dawn (Spoilers)

I've been meaning to do a review of this since last weekend and jsut now have a chance to write out my thoughts.

1) the wedding rocked, I loved it! It was sweet and romantic and just lovely.

2) The intimate, very much inferred, moments between B&E after the wedding were really well done.

Given that these are young adult novels I didn't expect descriptive writing but she managed to convey the

emotions very well.

3) I liked the surprise turn of Bella getting pregnant, I didn't see it coming b/c Stepehnie Meyer had all put stated that vampires couldn't get pregnant, she didn't rule out male vampires impregnating human women, which I didn't catch at the time.

4) HATED the name Renesmee, it was just too weird for me.

5) I liked that in the end Bella saved everyone, it was a nice change from her needing to be saved.

6) I was cool w/ Jake imprinting on Renesmee, it does wrap things up neatly.

7) Didn't think the pregnancy/delivery stuff was that bad, it was rough but I was w/ Bella on that decision. Perhaps for personal reasons.

I know a lot of fans weren't pleased w/ it for various reasons, but for me I liked that everything was tied up in a neat little bow. I liked that B&E got to have a child. Bella was willing to give up her chance at having children to be w/ Edward but it was really cool that they got to share that experience. I guess given how badly I want children I like that they got that as part of their happy ending.

"Why am I covered with feathers?" Bella, Breaking Dawn

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