Sunday, August 31, 2008

Stalag 17

Things are much better then they were. Banks and I talked and we're starting the testing in October and then scheduling the 1st consult in January. Banks also promised no more changing the date. So roughly 17 weeks before we set up the 1st consult, and yes I have a countdown going on my calendar. I'm adding a ticker too!

I'm more comfortable w/ that, when we start the process it'll just be finding the right donor, and syncing up. I do feel better about that so that's good. I also talked to CNY fertility and the de coordinator said she could hold a donor for us a few months out if I let her know. That helps too.

So best guess we'll be cycling in April. Way later then I wanted but I"m coming to terms w/ it. I'm guessing first consult in Feb. maybe there'll be a cancellation and we'll get in sooner. Maybe I'll get lucky and things will move more quickly then I expect.

We sort of hope you'd laugh yourselves to death
Stalag 17

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DCat said...

Ok! You have a plan and that is great!!! April will be here before you know it!! This is very exciting!!