Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Angel

Thanks so much Rebecca&Nathan for the lovely Angel of Hope. The card was too cute as well. I needed the symbol of hope so much to keep the faith for our FET.

Tarah thanks for setting up the exchange, it really helped make M day easier having something to look forward to.

ETA: by request, the card is in French, it's a print of an old underwear advertisement. It says "try them you will jump for joy". It has these adorable animals w/ tighty whities, it's very cute and funny.


We have Angel Wings said...

Beautiful Angel!
Ok, I have to know, what does your card say and what language is it in?

Thinking of you today.


IVF 40+ said...

Lovely, jumping undies. Sending you success vibes for the FET

Brenda said...

What can be better than an angel and jumping undies??

I'm glad that you are coping with the BFN and that you are moving twords the FET cycle. With so many good frosties, I hope that you will get your BFP soon.


skrambled said...

Those Angels are beautiful. I got one from my mom this week as well.