Friday, August 14, 2009

It's never easy

Ugh it's been a less than stellar day. Went in and had my u/s, it was fine I had an 8 triple stripe lining.

I call the oot coordinator nurse around 10 and finally get a call back around 1, she tells me the dr. wants my TSH checked before we finalize things, why she couldn't tell me that before I don't know. Pati was definitely more organized and on top of things than this nurse.

I take an hr off work and run get it done, of course they close before the results get there but I'm able to get the results.

My tsh is 5.4 which is high normal depending on the scale. I'm now in the waiting zone, I have no idea whether he's going to ok the cycle or not. I really really don't want another delay.

So basically I'm stuch waiting until Monday to see what he says, I'm really hoping when they're in tomorrow morning they'll see it and let me know something but I don't know if they will. I need to know to what the plan is.

Any good vibes my way would be appreciated.

After everything we're going through for this fet it really has to work.


Anonymous said...

It's always something, isn't it? Sorry things were not perfectly aligned, but hopefully it will still work out. Fingers crossed that you get approval!

embieadoptmom said...

praying for a NON CANCELLED cycle! I know how it feels to be cancelled-IT STINKS so that WON'T happen to you :)

ks and jd said...

Let's focus on the positives you had today!

#1. lining building nicely!
#2. they are being careful not to waste your frosties. Double checking your TSH is really proactive!

Honestly, I know how much this waiting sucks! I really do... But I am so glad that they are trying everything to make this a perfect transfer for you. It'll work out for you! All the best!

Jojobee said...

UGH! How awful! I agree with musicmakermomma, it's never easy, there's ALWAYS something! I'll say a little prayer for you the next few days. I hope that you get to do your fet, stupid tsh - GO DOWN!!!!! Please keep us posted!