Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We're Back on Track

We're on our way to our FET again. I had my baseline u/s and b/w this morning (a story in itself) and it came back fine. I started estrace, 3 orally and 1 vaginally daily. I have my lining check on September 2 and if it's nice and fluffy we'll do our FET around 9/9.

So yesterday at work was insane and crazy and I called the monitoring clinic once and didn't get the scheduler. Someone came up so I didn't get a chance to leave a message and then I didn't get a chance to call them back. So I got up and got there at 7 nd threw myself on their mercy, they didn't have time to work me in then but had an opening at 8:30 so I take it.

I leave and go to work and sign in early then leave and take lunch and head over. I get there and there's a man sitting in the waiting area w/ a little girl who's probably about 3. Normally I don't see having kids there as a big deal, it's rude but oh well, however they don't allow children in the treatment area so he basically came to sit w/ the little girl, my question is why. He couldn't go back w/ his wife so why not just stay at home w/ the little girl while the wife went to the appointment? Then the wife comes out and proceeds to fix the little girl's hair in the waiting room. Now I could understand this if it was a hot day but it was still very cool why not take her out to the car and fix her hair there? Anyway the whole situation just bugged me.

all that matters though is that we're set, I've started my meds and w/ a little luck in abut 4 weeks I'll be officially ku.


IVF 40+ said...

great news. congrats and good luck!

Jojobee said...

yay yay & more yays! I'm SO excited for you!

ks and jd said...

That was fast! Awesome news that you are back on track! Good luck!

Bella said...

Yay!!!!!!! Your FET finally begins!!! Good luck!!!!!!!!!!