Wednesday, September 2, 2009

we're set!

FINALLY!! We're ready to move forward w/ the FET, transfer will be on 9/14. I can't wait. I'm feeling optimistic and excited it just feels like things are falling into place at last.

Lining was a 9 triple stripe so that's perfect, TSH was good as was everything else so we're set to go.

Banks and I will have to make the travel arrangements tonight or tomorrow and then we'll be set.

I'm doing crinone and pio this time, mixing it up a bit to see what happens.

I couldn't resist and if/when the FET works I'd be due June 1. That just seems cool for some reason. As you can tell I'm not doing so great w/ not getting ahead of myself. For now though I'm happy and excited and that's all that matters.


embieadoptmom said...

CONGRATS!! Can't wait to hear about your BFP :)

Jojobee said...

yay yay & yay! So so excited for you two! 9 triple, WOW! Great lining! That's what mine was with the twins...!!! I'm praying for everything on the 14th!

ks and jd said...

Wonderful News!!! Triple Stripe! Nice!!! Share your secret! LOL! I'll be saying my prayers for your successful transfer!

choice2make said...

That's great Hope, I have a good feeling about this cycle!