Saturday, September 19, 2009

2ww :(

I HATE the 2ww. It's driving me crazy and I've got 3 days to go. I'm so scared it didn't work and what that would mean for us.
DH wants to do one more FET but I'm not sure about taking the time to do that before we move forward w/ adoption. Then again part of me thinks maybe the 3rd time would be the one that works and we have the snowbabies so why not. The worry I have is that the wait for your average domestic or international adoption is a year to 2 yrs and I don't know if I can spend anymore time before starting that process w/o driving myself crazy. Not to mention that I need to have made some type of progress towards being a mom before Christmas or seeing my godbrother's extremely pregnant wife will kill me and ruin my favorite time of year. I can handle it if I'm pregnant or we're in process for adoption b/c I can remind myself that I'll be a mom too, eventually.
Of course this FET might be a BFP and it'll be a non-issue. I hate how the 2ww screws w/ your mind. I'm trying to stay busy and keep myself distracted but it's only working up to a certain point. I really wish I could just fastforward to Tuesday and know one way or the other.
I'm watching North and South which is 24 hrs of distraction and a favorite of mine (patrick swazye in the eighties was awesome).


T said...

I hate the 2ww too...been through it 10 times.. only one resulted in a babe.

Just came across your blog and wanted to say hi...

keeping all my bendies crossed taht this one is a positive one!

Twin Mommy said...

I hate it too... Only 3 more days, you can do it!!! Can't wait to read an update! I'll say another little prayer for you :)

squarepeg said...

Hang in there! That 2ww is miserable indeed. Sending TONS and tons of good thoughts your way!

Tiffany said...

((hugs)) good luck!! the 2ww is terrible! i'm crossing all of my crossable body parts for you guys!