Friday, July 25, 2008

My reality

I have 6 months to get myself in shape and ready to move on w/ the DE process. I really want to loose 10 lbs, at least, by September, so I'm going to track it here so I have some accountability for staying on track.

I guess I shouldn't call it a diet, really I'm just going to improve my eating habits, less unhealthy snacking more fruits and veggies. Try not to overeat, that sort of thing.

Hopefully it'll help me feel like I'm doing something towards starting the de cycle by giving me something to work on in the mean time.

10 lbs is less than a 1 lb a week which is really easy, I just have to stay on my plan. I just do better when I have to weigh in ala Weight Watchers.

Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality.

Ralph Marston

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Jojobee said...

Good for you! And... Since I have NOTHING to do! I will keep you in check... How can I help???? LOL!!! YAY for you! Time will fly by, just you wait & see!!! It's ALMOST your turn! YAY! Can't wait!