Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Well blah. We're back to cycling in April. There are various reasons that make it the better choice even though it stinks that I'll potentially have to wait a year to start my masters if it doesn't work. I'm choosing to take it as a positive sign that it will work since there were lots of stumbling blocks to doing it earlier. I'm going w/ the fact that we won't need a fall back plan so we're being prevented from making one. It's ridiculously optimistic but it makes me feel better.

We had a good but VERY busy Thanksgiving. We went to my parents Weds night and celebrated T'giving on Thursday, which was nice. Friday we got up packed, had lunch and headed home. Friday night our good friends J & C and their son, our godson (Munch), stayed w/ us.

Saturday we all went to MIL's Iron Bowl brunch and then DH and I babysat Munch until after the game. Alabama won so Banks was ecstatic. Now if they can just win the SEC championship this weekend Alabama will be in the National Championship.

Other than that things are quiet, just taking it a day at the time and things are going along fairly quickly. I can't believe it's already December.


Brenda said...

So sorry that you have to wait until April to cycle, but yes, maybe it will work out better :)

Oh, and by the way, my Gators are not going to go down so easily (I hope) to 'Bama.

Peeveme said...

Sorry you have to wait longer. However, it it cause less stress than that's a really good thing. DE cycles are sooooo stressful with all the paperwork ect. So if April makes it go smoother then the wait will be worth it.

Andrea said...

It WILL work! Sorry about the wait, waiting sucks. You have an award waiting for you on my blog :)