Tuesday, January 5, 2010

U/S tomorrow!

Since we’re supposed to get snow and ice Friday and I panicked at the possibility of the clinic being closed Friday and us not getting our U/S (not to mention just being impatient) and I moved it up to tomorrow.

I’m really scared, excited, and everything else. On the one hand if we see the heartbeat it’ll be a huge relief, but if not…

I’m thinking positive that we’ll see the heartbeat and I’ll be able to relax and enjoy the National Championship Thursday night w/o worrying which will be great. I keep telling myself that everything’s going to be fine and I’ll just get to relax a couple days early.

Anyway, good thoughts/prayers/ppv for a healthy heartbeat appreciated!


Anonymous said...

It's always so up and down; the excitment and the worry, hand in hand. I hope you have a wonderful outcome tomorrow!

ks and jd said...

Definitely sending you lots of great vibes! I'll be saying my prayers for a great u/s tomorrow!

Ji said...

I love the way you cast your life drama, you are positive, passionate, and creative.

outstanding post.

happy 2010.

welcome any time.

Michele said...

Prayers are on their way!! Good luck!