Monday, February 9, 2009

No News

Still no news yet. Got more info from Pati though. According to bloodwork and E2 it should be anytime. fingers crossed it's soon b/c I'm going nuts waiting.

I did talk to the boss about my time off for the cycle, I didn't know how she'd respond but she was actually really supportive. Wished me luck and told me it was fine and just to get the FMLA paperwork from HR. You never know what to expect from her so I was pleasently surprised.

What did shock me is that she didn't know what IVF was (I left out the DE part while we're totally in the tell camp I don't really want work knowing the details) and neither did the woman in HR. I forget that most people have no clue. They simply decide to get pregnant and it happens. How I would love to live in that world.


Jojobee said...

The waiting part is the hardest, but I'm SO glad that you're SO close to starting! EXCITING!!!
I'm glad boss was good about you taking time off! What a relief! That's another hurdle over :)

Jojobee said...
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Riley said...

Hang in there! That's great news that your boss was so supportive. I can't believe that she didn't know what IVF is. I guess it's just such a big part of our lives that we assume that everyone knows what it is. But I guess if you are among the fortunate ones who get pregnant "the old fashioned way" then you really have no reason to know about IUI, IVF and all the other wonderful procedures we have to deal with.

Peeveme said...

I didn't tell anyone from work abotu DE either. While my children will know it's up to them who else gets to know.

I'm so happy for you that things are moving alone.

Andrea said...

I know. My insurance company had no idea what DE/IVF was either. I wish I dind't have to know what it means. I'm so exicted for you!