Monday, July 20, 2009

Counting Down

I'm anxiously waiting to get my TSH checked. I could go next week or the week after that. Part of me wants to wait an extra week just to be safe and give it the best chance. I'm so ready to know though so I don't know if I can handle aiting an extra week.

I'm really hoping that we can cycle in August, looking at the calendar I think it's going to be August 21st at the soonest. We could try to make August 14 work but it would be a stretch to get everything lined up by then.

Anyway, I'm so ready I'm tired of waiting and I'm really hoping to be ready to go ASAP.

There's not much else going on we had a great long weekend at the beach which was really nice. Other than that it's the same old thing.


JackieMac said...

Waiting is the hardest part - good luck with your next cycle

KS said...

Waiting sucks!! Go next week to get it tested. It's been almost 3wks on the new should be good! Here's hoping you get to join the August Angels!!