Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So after being excited about getting close to cycling Banks and I talked and he wants to wait until January.
I would never pressure him to move forward before he's ready so we're back to waiting. Another 6 months plus but it's important that we both be ready for this 100%.

He had some good reasons for waiting, the extra time will give us more of a cushion financially for a cycle, we'll have more time off from work, and it'll be a great way to start the year.

He seems so much more excited about it when I said waiting was fine. I know he wants kids as badly as I do but I think he just needed a little more time and feels much more positive about it on this timeline. Which is why I want us to be completely on the same page before we start the process, I want him to be as excited as I am.

So while I'm so ready to start the process I feel really good about the new timeline. So I'm going to focus on loosing a few pounds, getting in shape and being physically ready to cycle for the next while. It feels really good to have a plan that we both completely agree on and now we're moving forward, if a little slower than originally planned.

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.
John Lennon

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Sandra said...

Dear Hope:
I just wanted to tell you that I really feel for where you are in your quest to be a parent. I wish you all the best and the strength to hang in there and do what it takes.