Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Things are good; I’m taking my estrace 3 times a day for the mock cycle, but that’s pretty much all that’s going on. I’ll have the ultrasound on Thursday to see if it’s enough or needs to be increased for the actual cycle. Hoping for a nice fluffy lining, I really don’t want to have to worry about that during the real cycle.

I’ll also have the HSG that afternoon. I think I’m going to drive myself but I’m a little nervous about that though. I’m planning to take my ipod and a book so I can hang out if I’m not ready to drive home right away. I’ve heard the HSG isn’t that bad and that it really hurts, I’m hoping I’m lucky and it won’t be that bad, I was told to take a couple of Tylenol a little before it so hopefully that’ll help.

Saturday we’re hanging out with friends so that should be fun. I’m hoping we can get our Christmas card photo taken this weekend. I really want to get it done, I really don’t want to be rushing trying to get the cards out this year.

No big Halloween plans we’re just having dinner w/ the In Laws and then watching a movie at home. Happy haunting everyone!

Fear is nature's warning signal to get busy.- - - Henry C. Link


Jill Cathey said...

Hey I usually don't leave comments on your blog but I am a regular reader - and I wanted you to know when I had my HSG I drove myself (and got lost, but made it on time!) It was no big deal at all for me. Somewhat uncomfortable (as all these proceedures are) but not painful. And the weird dye stuff was oozy and got all over, but the lovely paper "drape" they give you cleaned that up.

It was actually fascinating to see so clearly what was going on inside - hopefully they will show you the screen. I have a didelphic uterus (totally spelled wrong - means it is split into 2 separate halves), but had been diagnosed as a dozen different things over the years. I couldn't believe I hadn't had one of these 20 years ago! Would have saved a lot of time and pain.

BTW, I am usually but your site forces me to log in as my blogger ID...I guess I'm kind of paranoid about it since it is my name, but I wanted to comment about this!

Jojobee said...

glad you're on your way thru the mock cycle!!! can't wait to hear your update on thursday. I didn't drive myself to the hsg and i'm glad because i was so nervous before so my legs were shaky and i was cramping really bad afterward... i even took the tylenol, but everyone is different, hope it's a breeze for you! :) have a wonderful halloween!!!