Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm P**sed

I can't believe this article

Does she really think any of us doing DE wouldn't prefer to have a child the old fashioned way? Does she really think we care so much about our child's eye color that we'd give up our genetic link if we had a choice?

As I heard it put de isn't even 2nd choice it's third, 1st would be a romantic get away w/ DH 2nd would be IVF w/ our eggs and 3rd is giving up our genetic link and going forward w/ DE.

I'm so thankful to have the chance to be pregnant but if I had a choice of course I'd rather just get pregnant. The fact that I went through POF and can't does not mean that I want a "designer" baby. I want a baby whether it's red, blue, or polka dotted I don't care.

I wish journalists would be more responsible about reporting on DE IVF and actually listen to the stories we have to tell. I don't think any of us would choose this root if we had another viable option. It's a long hard road and totally worth it in the end but not one that any of us take lightly.

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