Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gimme Three Steps

Banks and I had our phone consult bright and early yesterday and it went well. Dr. K was nice and he answered all our questions, except a couple I forgot to ask. I was comfortable w/ his answers and how he responded. I feel like CNY is a good fit for us in our situation.

I wish their success rates were higher of course but the success rates are ok and the price includes fet's for the firs year so I just have to cross my fingers that we have some frozens. The big perk is the payment plan and the price. We'd be able to afford to move onto adoption alot sooner b/c the cost is lower and we won't have to take out a loan or a heloc to afford it thanks to the payment plan.

My big fear is us putting all our eggs in the de ivf basket, pun intended ;) , and not being able to afford an adoption any time soon. Since we won't have to take out a loan/heloc we can reserve some resources to pursue adoption that much sooner. That makes me feel MUCH better about taking a chance on de. It's important to me to try de ivf first but my focus is on becoming a mom.

So now we wait for the de coordinator to get in touch about setting up my mock cycle and shg. We'll also discuss what we want in a donor. So we've made more progress and I'm happy.

It's much easier to wait when I'm actually doing something. I'm a little worried about the stretch from January to March/April when we won't be doing much of anything but I figure at that point it'll be getting so close I can just be counting down to the cycle and focusing on pre-cycle stuff. At least I hope so.

Gimme three steps, Gimme three steps, mister
Gimme three steps toward the door.
Lynyrd Skynyrd

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DCat said...

Yippeee! The time actually does go by pretty fast. RIght now that I am closer and in the middle of it I feel like time is crawling by but the time that I actually had to wait and do nothing flew by.
It's great you'll have enough $ to have abackup plan. As the mother of an adopted child I am a huge proponent of adoption. It's just a magical gift. iwas like you- I wanted to be a mother more than anything. I'll be looking for updates!