Saturday, March 14, 2009

Home from the Hospital

Banks scared the heck out of me Thursday.

I was at my bible study and when we wrapped up I went to turn the ringer back on my phone and hd 16 missed messages from everyone but Banks. That sent me into a panic b/c I knew that couldn't be good. So I quickly called back one of the people and She told me that Banks was in the hospital b/c of an erratic heartbeat. So I rush over there and he's in an exam room and his friend and parents were w/ him.

They admitted Banks and we were there for 2 long days. They tested him for Addison b/c his mom has it, ran some heart tests but never found anything of concern. They gave him a prescription for a beta blocker and sent us home today w/ instructions to follow up w/ a pcp this week.

I'm so glad he's ok. He says he feels much better and the doctor feels that the beta blocker should keep his heart from doing thsi again.

Anyway that was the beginning of our weekend.

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Jojobee said...

omg! how scary! I'm so glad he's ok!!! The beta blocker should work though. Any news on the donor?