Thursday, March 12, 2009

No News

Donor has been on Lupron for 9 days and so far hasn't reported getting AF. Pati said she'd have her in for an U/S Friday to see what's going on if she doesn't call before then.

The waiting is getting to me. Being SOOO close to the actual ER/ET and still so far away is making me very antsy for things to get started.

Anyway wanted to update.


Riley said...

I'm learning through this whole process that I have no patience at all - that would drive me crazy! Hang in there - I know it must be frustrating. Hopefully, you'll get some good news tomorrow.

Peeveme said...

It so intense right niow. It gets worse whem she starts stims, waiting for the fert report ect. It just gets so hard to get through each day until transfer. You will get there it's just going to feel like forever.