Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One step forward, 2 steps Back

920 got her lupron bleed!! Pati e-mailed and said she’d gotten her bleed and was coming in today. Pati said she’d update me once that happened and she had info for me.

Boo, the donor has a cyst so she’s going to continue lupron till next Monday and see if it’s gone. This is a mixed bag. On the one hand it puts things off a week which makes me sad, on the other hand if she stims for the same length of time as her last cycle we’ll be in town for Wicked which would be great. On the negative side that puts the edd around Christmas. I totally didn’t want that but oh well. I’ll totally be over that if the cycle works.

I guess basically I’m disappointed but ok. I e-mailed Pati about how long it would be before the cyst was gone and she said it could take up to 2 weeks. So it looks like retrieval and transfer will be in April instead of March.

I’m really ready for things to get moving but it also really feels like the delays are for a reason. I’m trusting God and hanging in for now.


IVF Girl said...

I know how delays go. I'm still trying to get through the prescreening, so I can finally pick a donor and get started myself.

I'm curious what kind of things you looked for in a donor?

Good luck to you. I hope she gives you lots of little eggs. :)

Hope C said...

Hey, for us we looked at ethnicity first, whether she'd done a successful cycle 2nd, health history (her's and family) 3rd, coloring 4th.

It's a really personal decision though. I wuld suggest looking at proven donors first b/c that can really help increase the likelihood of success.

good luck!

Suzi2008 said...

Aw - I had a cyst (I'm a donor) with my first cycle but it went away quickly. :Hugs: