Monday, March 23, 2009

Let's Get This Party Started!

Yeah! the donor is starting stims tonight. I'm so excited and happy and I can't believe it's REALLY REALLY happening.

I'm also sooo glad to be starting estrace again. I've been miserable the last couple weeks w/ ht flashes and all the other lovely menopausal symptoms that come w/ being off HRT.

CNY also has me doing baby aspirin.

We're looking at ER being on/around April 6, and ET between April 9-11.

I have my lining check on 3/30, which I've already scheduled.

The donor has monitoring on 3/30, 4/1, & 4/3

roughly 15 days and counting.


choice2make said...

Good luck to you! I know I haven't commented in a while but I do check your blog often and I'm so excited that your time is here!

Peeveme said...

How exciting. Will they give you updates on the donor's progress?

Jojobee said...

YAY, how exciting! I'm so so so glad you're finally starting your cycle! I'm praying for you!!!