Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Banks is an idiot.

I went to see the proposal tonight w/ the female members of DH's family, it was really fun and we had a great time, the movie was really funny and cute! However, at dinner MIL mentions the immediate family's trip to the Beach (MIL, FIL, BIL, and us) which I tell her I'm looking forward too and ask when we're going, she says July 17th. Apparently DH was a dumbass and when she asked said that weekend was fine. I get home and ask him about it and he says he had no clue. Really b/c we had a detailed convo about it ohh a month ago!!!

In his defense he's the worst (or best) person to talk too when he's watching tv, he has no clue what you're saying, I thought he was listening but apparently not. So now I have to either postpone a week or more :( or miss out on the beach which I'm really looking forward too.

I'm so irritated with him right now. All he had to do was call me and ask, he knew we were planning the FET for July so why didn't he check with me about it?

Anyway, I'm annoyed but I'll deal.


IVF 40+ said...

oh that is so annoying. What is up with these guys? My dH announced he was going to visit his very distant aunt and uncle in the second half of our last cycle - when he needed to give me my shots!
I went nuts.
He didn't go
Hope you discover your answer soon - kind of question that people would go mad over.

Bella said... DH can't remember days/plans to save his life. it's very frustrating sometimes becasue I have to make sure to tell him about 10 times so he remembers. ((HUGS))