Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Being Optimistic

I've decided that I'm going to enjoy every moment of the next 2 weeks. If things turn out well I'll be glad to have enjoyed it and if they don't then I'll be heartbroken whether I enjoy this time or not. So I've put a pregnancy ticker on here. I also put a countdown to beta so forgive the ticker overload ;)

The stress of worrying over it will just make the 2ww that much harder so I'm going to stick w/ the thought that I'm PUPO and enjoy it. If nothing else if it's my only opportunity to have a pregnancy ticker I want to enjoy it.

Really though I'm feeling very positive and hopeful. We have every reason the think it's going to work and I'm going to stick w/ that until I have a reason not to.

I'm so debating about when to start poas, I've already have a couple digitals and I bought a more sensitive traditional hpt the other week. I'm SO tempted to hit the dollar store and get a few more and test all next week. I definitely want to test ahead of time I'm just not sure how early. I know that I definitely want to test on Beta day so I know what to expect.

I really kind of want to know if it's positive as soon as possible b/c of my hypothyroidism, last time it was checked it was on the very low side (perfect for ttc) but estrogen and pregnancy raises the # and my Endocrinologist wants to wait until I'm pregnant or not to recheck it. Being too high can cause miscarriage and other problems so the sooner I know the sooner I can call his nurse and get it checked and adjusted if necessary before it gets too high.

So I know testing positive before 12 dpo (7dp5dt) is unlikely I'm so tempted to do testing from Monday forward and see what happens. Which could just drive me nuts or let me know that much sooner.

Honestly it'll probably come downn to how lazy I am and if I make it to the dollar store for some cheapy tests!

Miracles happen every day. Not just in remote country villages or at holy sites halfway across the globe, but here, in our own lives.
- Deepak Chopra


Madelin said...

I'm happy to think of you as PUPO! Hope you are taking good care of yourself....looking forward to your BFP!!

Anonymous said...

You are so right! It is much better to be positive. I'm getting to that crap doubting stage. Where it could go either way.