Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Green Light

We're a go. ER will be Thursday! Pati was really pleased w/ how the donor was doing, she had 20+ follies and looked great. I'm really curious to see how many embies we end up w/.

We're flying up tomorrow and geting settled in the hotel and then heading to the Clinic Thursday morning for Banks' part.

I'm not sure if we'll get a retrieval report or just a fert report the next day.

Since they don't do transfers on Sundays we'll have ET on Monday or Tuesday. Which is a day 4 or 5 transfer.

I'll be very bored hanging out in the hotel so I'll probably be pretty good about updating.


Andrea said...

Wooooohooooo!! Good luck on Thursday! Hoping for many mature follies and a great fert rate!!

hardknockedup said...

How exciting! Good luck!p

Riley said...

Wow - 20+ follies - that's great! I hope all goes well - good luck! I'm a few weeks behind you - according to my schedule, I'll be doing all this at the end of April. I hope you get lots of great embies to transfer and freeze!

Peeveme said...

Awesome. I'll be checking for updates.

choice2make said...

Good Luck and I wish you many eggs and embies to follow!

Jojobee said...

yay yay yay!!!! im so so so excited for you two!!!!!!!!