Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our DE fresh cycle Timeline

I was always curious about this when I was researching/preparing to cycle so here is ours.

Our DE Journey
{9/16/08} Fill out and Mail paperwork for CNY
{9/22/08} Get Bloodwork and other Tests done
{9/23/08} schedule Phone Consult
{10/01/08} Phone Consult with Dr. K.
{10/15/08} Talked to Pati and set up Mock Cycle
{11/06/08} HSG and complete mock cycle. Both excellent
{11/10/08} On self induced break until March
{1/04/09} Donor Chosen
{1/5/09} Selected donor but she left program
{1/6/09} Selected Donor 2 and requested her
{1/07/9} Donor 2 confirmed!
{1/30/09} Off HRT until cycle
{2/11/09} Donor got AF
{3/3/09} Donor Started Lupron
{3/23/09} Donor starts Stims, I start Estrace & Baby Aspirin
{4/8/09} Fly up to NY
{4/9/09} Donor ER
{4/14/09} 5dt of 1 terrific blast
{4/22/09} BFN :(

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Riley said...

Sorry it resulted in a BFN but thanks for sharing the time line - it's always helpful to see other people's schedules, especially when mine feels like it's been dragging on forever.