Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quick Update

A little news but we're still waiting. Talked to Pati yesterday and the donor is doing great. 10+ follies on each side most 17/18 or larger, lead follie is 20. Her e2 is 4217 so they had her coast last night and do just lupron, no Gonal F

They wanted to give it one more night so the donor is going in this morning to be checked and then Pati's going to let me know whether we're doing thurs or friday ER.

I'm so ready for the wait to be over! I'm on pins and needles I'm so excited and nervous and just ready for it to happen. The agony of waiting is getting to me. I'm SOO impatient that any waiting is hard for me but this is so hard.

All in all though I'm doing fine, just ready for the next step!!


Peeveme said...

This really is the hardest part..no wait...forget that...its all hard...all the waiting then the rush then more waiting. But you are so close after waiting so long. IT really happening.

musicmakermomma said...

Wait wait wait - best of luck to you and the donor!