Monday, April 13, 2009

Transfer Tomorrow

We're sitting around the hotel after spending most of the day in Cooperstown, NY. We went to the Baseball Hall of Fame and a couple of other places, it was fun.

Now that I don't have anything to do I'm getting a little antsy. I'm so ready for tomorrow and worried something will go wrong or for some reason we won't have any to transfer. It's silly but I'll just feel so much better after transfer.

I'm also anxious to see what the quality of the embryos are. I'm hoping to have a really high quality blast so we can do an eSET. I also really want to have a few frozens. It would make the 2ww so much easier if I know that we have another shot or a chance at a full sibling in a few years.

I still feel optimistic but the closer it gets the more anxious I get. At least ET is bright and early tomorrow at 8 am. I won't have long to wait before I know more.

After the transfer I'll do accu. then back to the hotel for bedrest. The clinic gives you valium for ET so I'm hoping I'll be nice and lazy most of the day. Then I'll continue bedrest until we leave Friday morning.

I have to admit I'm really looking forward to being home again. It's been fun being off but I'm so ready to be back in my own bed.

"Tomorrow! Tomorrow!I love ya Tomorrow!
You're always A day A way" Annie


Andrea said...

Good luck!!!!!! Hoping for some great blasties!!

IVF 40+ said...

Best of luck to you both! Great eggie vibes coming your way