Friday, April 3, 2009

Minor Freak Out

So I freaked out a little today. So I get back to work from picking up the food for a co-worker’s baby shower that I some how round up organizing (that’s a whole different post) and I check my phone. I’d been checking it relentlessly all morning waiting on an update from Pati. I have an e-mail from Pati and she says the donor won’t be ready for ER until Weds/Thurs. Well in the midst of unloading the car and setting up for the lunch baby shower I forget to count only to trigger and not ER so I freak out over how long she’s stimming. Well before I have time to realize Banks calls and I tell him how worried I am. He calls Pati, well I decide to e-mail Pati and get more info. I also post on tttc where a friend points out the trigger vs. ER issue and I realize what I’d done. So I e-mail Pati again and told her I figured it out and to ignore my minor freak out.

Anyway weds would be 14 days of stims which is fine. I do wish they’d check her on Sat/Sun just to be safe but I trust them that Monday will be fine.

I got details of her progress to date and I feel better. I really think she’ll trigger Monday and we’ll be up there Weds and through the next week.
I’m going to take off 4/17 regardless. I don’t see the point of going in for 1 day and it would be nice to have that extra 3 days of being low key once we get home.

In retrospect it's a little funny. I'm totally fine now and not concerned at all. I'm just really excited and ready for next week!!! I think that's why I freaked today I was so excited and it was getting so close that when that happened it just threw me for a loop.

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