Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm OK

I’m doing ok. Yesterday was much better than Weds, and today is better than yesterday. I gave myself yesterday to be down and upset as much as I wanted and got it out of my system.

I e-mailed Pati about doing a FET and that timing is fine I’m supposed to e-mail her around Mem. Day. to set up a schedule for the FET.
I’m actually feeling pretty optimistic, w/ so many great frosties I feel like this FET has a pretty good chance of working. The only thing that has me nervous is that the FET success rates there are on the low side, I think that’s from before they switched to vitrification though which could make a big difference.

Anyway, right now I’m focusing on the positives; some great frozen embies and we have a really good plan.

I think part of why I feel better is Banks isn’t talking about waiting to start working on adopting, originally he was wanting to wait until we saved up for that which could be a few years, now he’s talking about if this fet doesn’t work (I’m really hoping it does) that we’d start working on the adoption side of things as we’re gearing up for a final fet. So even if DE doesn’t work for us w/ a little luck we should still be parents w/i a couple of years, one way or another. I feel really good about that while I want to be pregnant and experience all of that, I really just want to be a mom so I’m ok w/ taking that step and the sooner the better.

First things first though I have some time to get in shape and be at my healthiest before the FET. Banks and I are starting the 30 day shred video on May 1 (it’s on our on demand so it’s free) which is supposed to be a great workout and I’m going to try really hard to loose some weight and eat healthier and be in shape before then. Plus we’re hitting swimsuit season ;).

So that's where I'm at, hopeful and waiting w/ a little prep work thrown in.


Anonymous said...

So sorry about the bfn. I'm glad you are working though it though, and hopefully things will work out for an FET soon. And it really seems like DH is totally on board which makes all the difference - good luck!

Andrea said...

I'm glad you're hanging in there. Can't wait for you to start your FET. I really hope it's the last cycle you'll need to do for quite some time. ((HUGS))

Grace said...

I've been following your blog for the past few months. I'm sorry about your BFN.

My 3 year old has Turner's Syndrome too. I expect that it will not be easy for her to conceive either, but I hold onto hope for both of you. Hope for you in your journey now and hope for my daughter in the future.

Hang in there, and I hope your baby dreams come true.

choice2make said...

Hope, I'm just catching up on your blog - I'm sorry for your BFN. But you sound like you are handling it well, and with frosties there is always still a chance! I'm still out here thinking of you, even if I don't post often. Wishing you much success on the next cycle!